Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hello, Folks!

Hi everyone! I'll keep this short and painless. My name's Maggie Stiefvater, I'm an artist specializing in equine art and landscapes/ cityscapes, and this blog will be a place for my admirers, stalkers, or friends to keep track of my daily art offerings. Just about every day I create a piece of art for eBay, and you guys will see it first here. Feel free to comment on what you thinking I'm doing wrong or right or how a piece makes you feel.

You can also look at my online portfolio at, my writing blog at, and at my eBay store at This is my living and my passion, and I'm here to make you guys happy. So keep in touch!

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jngah said...

Hi Mary,

I found your various blogs through your posting on Wet Canvas and was intrigued by your incisive analysis of selling art on eBay. You're obviously a thoughtful business woman as well as talented artist and was wondering if you ever considered using to sell your work.

Also - as an FYI, your signature links on WetCanvas are misspelt and lead to some biblical armaggedon site as well as a general ISP sign-up page.