Sunday, June 25, 2006

Salem Church Library Exhibition

"Want Company?" - 9 x 12" on colorfix paper
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Weather was indeed peculiar yesterday, but it held enough for me to get some good shots of Richmond's Carytown & Shockoe Slip areas. I have plenty of painting fodder to hold me through at least a few weeks! A quick glance at the calendar, however, reminded me that the deadline for my July exhibition at the Salem Church Library's gallery space ( is just around the corner. So I'll try and put a few small works on eBay for sale this week, but any big paintings that I do are going to the exhibition.

What was I going to say? Oh, right -- I will post images of these works as I finish them this week, so anyone interesting in purchasing one at the end of July can drop me a line to let me know. They will be listed for sale at the exhibition with a price tag of $200 each, but I can make arrangements for a painting to be listed "not for sale" if you fall in love with one of them.

A little work may appear on this blog later today. Keep your eyes peeled!

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