Friday, June 23, 2006

Spot of Tea

"Spot of Tea" - 5 x 7" on canvas board
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Here's today's effort -- my second acrylic version of my clear glass tea-cups (I have done them with colored pencils before: "Want Company?" is currently in my store on eBay). I never, never get tired of doing version of my tea cups. The way that the sun comes through tea and turns it a lovely rainbow of oranges and reds and browns is just too tempting to pass up. This piece was done with a surprising amount of green to underpaint the oranges and reds, and also rather a lot of blue to make it "pop." I'm pretty pleased with it, especially considering I've never painting on such a small surface before. It was quite a challenge.

As my landscape that I finished this evening has already sold, I find myself in need of some new material. Tomorrow has been deemed "field trip" day and I will be trekking an hour south to Carytown and Shockoe Slip in Richmond for some good street scene shots. Watch this space . . . as long as weather lets me take some good photos, you'll be seeing pieces of Richmond here in the days to come.

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