Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer Spectacular Horse Show

Well, today was an interesting day in the world of Maggie. Today was the first day of the Fireworks Summer Spectacular Horse Show at Rose Mount Farm, and I had my booth of horse portraits set up there. As you can see above. I spent the day sweating (it was 98 degrees), painting (see that big horse there at the bottom -- that's what I did!), and sweating some more. Oh, and securing commissions. I also got some other paintings in the works to add to the Carytown series, but I don't imagine that I'll be listing anything on eBay until tomorrow at the earliest and Monday at the latest (it's a 3 day horse show).

But I didn't want anyone to think that I'd been snoozin' on the job! And if anyone out there is looking for a horse commission, better ask me fast as I'm about to have a lengthy backlog! Stay tuned . . .

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Jo Castillo (noblock99) said...

Your work is super. Looks like the hard work part is paying off. It's hot here, too. Drink lots of water. :) Good luck,