Monday, July 24, 2006

Unfinished Painting & Unfinished Commission

Unfinished Painting on 14 x 18" Canvas.
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This is a fun thing that I do every so often; offer an unfinished painting for sale in my store the day before I send it to auction. This particular piece is a nice twisty road in Bath, England, and I fully expect to have it finished by tomorrow evening. Lately I've been drawn to windy roads and inclines, and this particular street has both. Must be a bugger if you've got a stick shift. Which I do. (REAL girls drive stick shifts.) Anyway, click on the link above to buy it or make an offer on it before it goes to auction tomorrow, and be rewarded with free shipping and all that good stuff.

Unfinished Commission of Quarter Horse
Click here to see entire Work in Progress

This has been occupying most of my time today, hence the unfinished painting. As it's a portrait commission, it's not for sale, but because I'm doing it as a very detailed work in progress on the artist's site WetCanvas, I thought I would show it here so that everyone could get an idea of how one of these pieces is put together. Hope you follow the link and enjoy!

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