Monday, September 04, 2006

A Gaggle of Paintings

"Whoa" - 2.5 x 3.5" colored pencil on drafting film.
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I have lots of fun stuff to show you guys today, because I went and took photos of my work hanging at the Uniquely Fredericksburg exhibit. I have to say that I was in general kind of bemused by the judge's decision (though not, of course, by her decision to pick two of my works as prize winners -- obviously that showed wonderful taste) because there were quite a few pieces that I said "WOW!" next to and went prizeless, and then a few of the prizewinners you almost walked by until you saw the little red ribbon next to the frame. Ah, well, right?

Well, here we go: my painting (this thing is a monstrous four feet long, which means that if I had gotten mugged on the way into the exhibition I could've defended myself with it quite nicely).

And my two drawings with their awards next to them. Yes, I know it's dark. Pretend you can see them. And if you're that curious, for crying out loud, go over to my website and look at them under their names "Christmas Lights" and "Coffee After Dark."

Today is also an exciting day because I did the underpainting on two paintings, one of which is a composition which is very interesting to me, and the other is the beginning of my Richmond series (destined to hang in Chasen Galleries -- see previous posts). They are very ugly and technicolor at the moment. Wanna see? Oh, sure you do.

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