Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Artist: James McNeill Whistler

Okay, I know we skipped a month. But this month, the artists of Fine Line Artists are studying the art of James McNeill Whistler and, as with our other artists of the month, trying to steal his mojo. Well, more precisely, we're trying to study his methods and his style and composition, etc., and see what we can draw from it.

Now all artists are invited to join in with us and blog about their progress - there are no formal requirements, just an avid desire to learn.

I'm not going to agonize over a beginning post to kick things off because Katherine Tyrrell has already done an admirable job.

I will say that I have read enough to find out that Whistler was quite a character and I have a feeling this month will be entertaining, and also that I will be paying a field trip to the Freer Gallery in D.C.

So no matter what level of artist you are, I ask you to play along - every time we do this I'm stunned by how much there is to learn and apply to my art, even if the artist is entirely different from what I do currently.

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