Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bonus Content!

Hey, y'all! I know I said I wouldn't be postnigbut I am using my hotel's weird tv internet service. The keboard I'm tping on keeps skipingleters and refusing to type correctly . . . lazy buger. Whops, MEANT bugger - buger sounds rude. Anyway, 'M alive and kicking at the show with four more days to go. You guys wuol be proud of me. No Diet Pepsi yet, and yo know I saw they just came outwith a moer caffeinated version. I've been soooo good . . . only sweet tea for me, though I do stare at people drinking sodas like those dogs that watch you while you're eating.

I am seeing so many gorgeous horses here - you better believ i've bensnapping pics like crazy.

Oh man, I'm qitting while I'm ahead! Just chck out those typos!

So, thank for hewonderful comments and see ou in 4 dys! - oops, I mean days!


Jo Castillo said...

We are all waiting with bated breath, your return. Have lots of fun and sales.

Snow said...

MAGGIE! Missing you!!!

I'm with you. Quit Smoking - found out I have a slight thyroid problem, and Smoking doesn't help.. So I Quit. Cold Turkey. It's imperative that anything remotely related with Smoking is mentioned with SentenceCase.

Poor, poor puddy tat - no Diet Soda! (Note: Anything remotely related to the Crusade of the Week might also be spelled with SentenceCase) I sympathise. I've stopped liking the stuff too.

Please come home soon - and blog more often. You truly brighten up my day.


Cooper Dragonette said...

Ginseng Extract.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing really well! I sure am proud of you! :) Plus, you typed a post even though it was hard to do! Great post!

Quilt Knit said...

Hey! I love the Typos. Just Grand! Now, uhm, It is said that confession is good for the Soul. You may want to make that the Sole of your foot on my Head. Which is hung very low right now.
I love your website and I see all the work you put into getting yourself out there.
Well, in a group I am in- Everyone was squaking about how to get more exposure to their sites and store etc. Parody, attracts because the Real is taken.
So, I mentioned that I knew an artist that did some parody of Blue Boy and Pinkie. Well, that opened a can of wigglers I have not seen since the bogs of Georgia. There is a person in my group. May very well be the artist She is defending as the copyright owner of all parody of Cats in Western Art and All Master Paintings of the Entire World. There is a Susan Herbert who has a parody of every Master Painting into books - looks like 4-6 on Amazon dot com.
This person in my group is demanding I give Her your ID. So, she can make sure you have not infringed on this Susan Herbert's copyrights.
I have told Her out in the open and privately - NO!
That your Art Stands on its own.
I also told Her - that all artist who have parody Grant Wood-American Gothic - to get up and go with their copyright infringing brushes and Go Directly to Jail- Do not Pass Go - Do Not Collect $200 dollars- Go To Jail.
( Where have I heard this before?)
My sincere apologies.

Chumplet said...

That's just too funny! Bugers - aren't those the things that hang out of a person's nose after a sneeze?

Snap away! I'm going to check out Polo For Heart in Gormley this weekend. I'll be snapping away, too.

Quilt Knit said...

Everyone did Parody, and put them up for the member that was so upset that I told about your ebay parody of Blue Boy and Pinky using Cats. I think all of us were stunned at Her behavior. It still is spooky to say the least. Many told Her no copyright laws were broken.
The artist doing the books took the idea from another artist doing parody of Master Works using Cats.

Quilt Knit said...

Just to let you know. Everyone, assured this person that went crazy, because I said an artist was doing Parody Cards and sold at good price, has informed Her that all artist have the right to do Parody and no copyrights of the other artist were not compromised.
I guess she collects this other artist books. I asked if she was the artist, I have been assured she is not.
It is a pity, she could not have presented that artist to all of in great positive manner. She did search ebay.
I am so glad I did not put your cards and ID in the post. People like that scare me. I guess it is part of being out in the open so to speak.
To bad We cannot get a million dollars and go on Larry King live as Paris is doing.
Parody Card in the Making.