Saturday, June 16, 2007


Or, Ta Ta Til Sunday. The Roanoke Valley Horse Show, my next venue, is from Jue 18-24th and if all goes well, I will be there all this week, leaving my house at 4 a.m. on Monday morning (does that still even count as Monday?). So this blog is effectively going dark tomorrow and staying quiet until next Sunday, but for the soft cyber whistling of virtual wind blowing internet tumbleweed through my posts. Y'all are not allowed to forget about me, nor get drunk and swing from curtains while I'm not looking.

Also, if you've had your eye on anything in my store (you can see a lot of it hanging on my indoor booth set up dry run above), I'd nab it now before the 10,000 people who will attend the Roanoke show see it. :D

Bye, y'all!


H Malott said...

Best wishes in Roanoke! 10,000 people prospective buyers, awesome!! Good luck kicking diet Pepsi, you can do it:) Chocolate has caffeine right?! ~Heidi

Kasie Sallee said...

Good Luck on the show, Maggie! Your set up looks awesome. (I love the cat sniffing the plant, lol.)

Jo Castillo said...

Maggie, I'm sure you can kick the habit! Great. Best of luck on the show, have fun and sell everything.