Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Okay, technically it's no longer the fourth of July, but I started downloading pics from my camera on the 4th, so it still counts. I had a great day with my family and friends cooking former cows on the grill, celebrating toddler birthdays, goofing off, and setting off fireworks. My daughter Victoria got her first Mr. Potato Head, and her first set of spare Mr. Potato Head parts, that transforms him into King Spud (when I'm Queen of America, a Queen of America set of aftermarket parts for Mr. Potatohead will be made available). See the pic of me demonstrating Mr. Potato Head's wares below.

My birthday cake from scratch sensed that company was coming and stuck to the bottom of the pan despite heavy greasing and required much chocolate frosting glue to remain cake shaped. Still, it tasted great and homemade chocolate fudge frosting is, to quote someone famous, "the bomb."

And finally, the fireworks were big, loud, bright, and in the words of newly 3 year old Victoria "great but scary."

But we kept all our limbs, no one got food poisoning, and nobody left the party staggering. Success!


Susan Borgas said...

Happy Birthday to your children Maggie and it is good to see you have a wonderful time with your family.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! That first picture really gave me a laugh! All of the pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them. I know it's not the 4th of July anymore but ya know's the thought that counts. Plus, it's only the 5th! :) Thanks for sharing with us! You look sooo happy!
:) *HUGS*