Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Trees 1" - 6 x 6" colored pencil
copyright 2007 Maggie Stiefvater.
not for sale; in my sketchbook which will be given away to a random subscriber to my blog once it's full (so subscribe if you want to get a change to win it!)

Remember I said that I was going to do 30 days of trees? Well, here's the first one. Yes, I know. I started easy on myself in mostly black and white and a close up to boot. Just sticking my toe in the water. Who else is doing trees with me? Hmm? C'mon, Jo, I know you want to!

Yesterday we went to "the city" to run errands and had lunch at a restaurant. It had been awhile, and I'd forgotten how much the enjoyment of a dining experience with toddlers depends on the personality of your waitstaff. Our waitress was . . . hmm. I think bad waitstaff falls into five categories.

1. The National Geographic Waiter. This was what our waitress was. Like a National Geographic documentary filmmaker, this waiter adopts a strict policy of non-involvement. Though they may see that endangered animal cub starving to death before their camera, a documentary maker is merely an observer in the circle of life, not a participant. Likewise, the National Geographic Waiter watches you from a safe distance as you struggle to eat without the proper number of forks and slurp noisily at an empty glass.

2. The Bad First Date Waiter. Like a lousy first date, this waiter has no sense of personal space and sits on the booth next to you to take your order. When you look mildly disgusted at the uninvited contact, the Bad First Date Waiter perceives this as interest in their life, and tells you all about theirs. He doesn't just want to know what you want to drink -- he wants to know where you went to college and how you came to be blonde and what your favorite color is.

3. The Comic Relief Waiter. After suffering through a meal of this waiter's lame jokes, you leave a 1% tip and then cut your wrists with the edge of your receipt.

4. The Forgetful Waiter. This waiter amazes all by taking your order without writing any of it down. He strides with confidence to the kitchen and thirty minutes later sends you a tableful of menu items you didn't realize existed. While he's apologetic about his mistakes, he doesn't write down the next table's order either.

5. The Angry Waiter. "What do you mean it's not cooked enough!? Fine I'll take it back."

I was a waitress, by the way, in college. For a week and a half. Yes, I was one of those waitresses that walked off in the middle of my shift. But at least I made sure everyone had refills before I left.


Jo Castillo said...

Maggie, quit twisting my arm, it is sore all ready. :)

I don't know how much I will get done but I sketched a tree today. Barely a start. Leslie, thanks for the link, beautiful trees. Wow.

So we are off, your trees today look great.

On the road tomorrow,

Robyn said...

What do you mean, you can't draw trees! These are beautiful. I was going to try some too but I think you are too far ahead.

SHERI C said...

Ohhhh, I am a random subscriber. Pick me! Pick me! Looking forward to seeing a new tree each day. Wonder if I should be crazy enough to play and do some trees myself. As an artist, I am afraid of them. Hard subject...ohhh the challenge of your dedicated example!

Regula Scheifele said...

Your tree project sounds tempting Maggie - but then I just made up my mind to paint or draw at least a dozend 'cup/mug/glass'-pieces in August, so I'm probably not up for trees as well...
Did you see this thread on WC: Basic 102 - Class 13 – Trees. Might be helpful!

leslie said...

I thought you said you couldn't do trees? Looks pretty darned good to me!

nzflutterby said...

Well I'm in. A little late but just found your very interesting blog!