Friday, September 07, 2007

Farewell, Dutiful Blade

Farewell to a tireless worker and constant desk companion. My faithful $8 sharpener grinded productively by my side for two years before finally having a psychotic break and massacring eight pencils before killing itself in a grating spasm that smelled of burning wood and melting electrical parts.

I could say that I could never replace you, dear sharpener, but that would be a lie, as I'm heading to Wal-mart tomorrow to do just that.

But until that, work grinds to a halt. Bugger.


Katydid said...


Eh hem, I mean, let us take a moment to respect our dear sharpener in silence.

Katherine said...

Get one for me too will you - I've killed off three recently!

ACEO's By Rose said...

Aw, Maggie... what a shame... but hey, you'll have puppies to look forward to soon and they probably will mangle your pencils more than this ole guy... (just kidding of course)... but I do pray you will find another faithful friend to stay its course through the years.... may he rest in peace! PS How's Peanuts doing?? Dragging her old self around like a water balloon? That's how I felt when I was preggars with my 8 pound bowling ball Luke... couldn't wait to get on with life... and now he's almost 9. Amazing how time flies and sharpeners break and dogs have puppies.. and... well, you know.... lots of luck at Wal-Mart. While you're there I'll need a few things... hehe.. xoxo Rose

Chumplet said...

They have these newfangled instruments called manual sharpeners. I think I have a dozen of them.

If all else fails, there's always a knife to whittle a point.

Hopefully all the Walmart sharpeners will be on sale during the post-back-to-school rush.