Friday, March 07, 2008

Follow-up to the Rule Changes

"Ambition" - 6 x 24" colored pencil on clayboard.
copyright 2008 Maggie Stiefvater.
$350 - e-mail me at portraitswithcharacter AT gmail DOT com for purchase info.

I'm delighted to say that after extensive blogging and discussion by colored pencil artists, UKCPS has amended their rules to a compromise that I find really agreeable. This is what they read now:

The Society wishes to see work submitted that is essentially the original work of the submitting artist from concept through design to completion. The exhibition should show the compositional and drawing skills of the artists, as well as their ability to use colour from a pencil source. For this reason, submitted work must meet a number of conditions:

1. The concept design and execution of the artwork should be that of the artist, who will be asked to assert this. The artist must have taken any photograph used in its entirety for the whole work, but reference materials which contribute to the final composition can be obtained from any source, copyright laws permitting. Work cannot be submitted which has been executed in any teaching situation. No parts of work may be copied from copyrighted or published materials, without permission from the copyright holder and no images may be submitted which have been produced by drawing over a digital reproduction. Any reference material can be sourced to build up a composition, but producing an identical copy of someone else's composition regardless of whether the artist has permission or not, is not acceptable.

These rules will not come into effect until 2009, giving all of our members a chance to comply.
This makes me very happy, as it covers the copying of photos directly for exhibition (which I have never liked) and allows for posting of WIPs with minimal input.

I'd like to thank Bob Ebdon and all the folks at UKCPS who listened so attentively to what the artists had to say and worked to reach a compromise. Double yay! (yay yay)

Katherine Tyrrell, as always, has a very thorough wrap-up here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you Maggie for speaking up for we little artists that are starting much the same way as you by online communities like wetcanvas. You are great instinctive leader. MAGGIE FOR QUEEN OF AMAERICA!

Really, though, I appreciate it.